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R.I.P. Bruce (Earley)


R.I.P. Bruce (Earley) My Japenese Akita Inu. 20th Nov. 2004 ? 22nd March 2018   My Bruce. My big, loving, gentle companion for 13 years, right unto the end, the most gentle of Big Dogs you could ever meet. Loved, admired and adored by all who ever met him! From Newtownabbey to Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Born in Newtownabbey, 2004. Moved to Scotland 2008-12. Became quite a celebrity in 2006 when he was ?dog-napped? but with the help and publicity of Gerry Anderson's Radio Show, and Jim McDowell's Sunday World, dog and owner were reunited.   Again in Scotland's Buchannan Street and Sauchiehall Street, he became a minor celebrity with tourists wanting to pose with My Bruce for photographs to take back to their respective countries, especially Japan, and much to my pride photographs of My Bruce are all over the world!   As well as being remembered for his gentle nature, My Bruce was remembered for his stunning appearance and beautiful brindled markings, a white left paw, white chest, white tip on tail and a grey muzzle.   My Bruce will never die whilst he is fondly remembered by those he met, however briefly. My Bruce left a mark with everyone, even bus drivers letting him on without a hitch, a better 4 legged dog than a lot of the 2 legged ones.   Goodbye my Big Son, my pride and joy. You meant everything to me, love you always Big Son. For all you give! But it's time to sleep now and Rest In Peace, with no more pain you're free again. Bruce was cremated in Livingstone, Scotland, 26th March 2018. Oh! My heart is breaking, I miss the love, trust, loyalty, integrity and dignity, of an Old Japanese Akita Dog. Love always my Big Son, Bruce (Earley). R.I.P. From your grieving Old Da! Stephen.   He was loving and faithful to me until the end and I can only be the same.

added 29/03/2018

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