Why place an ad?

Selling your unwanted stuff with the Belfast Telegraph is quick, easy and cheap! Not enough reasons? Here are some more...

Your ad will appear in the Belfast Telegraph for 6 days.*

It will also be advertised online on www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/classifieds for 30 days.

Prices start from only £5**!

The Belfast Telegraph has a huge readership with over 435,000*** people reading it every week!

It’s tried, tested and trusted.

So if you’ve got a garage groaning with gear or a shed stuffed with stuff - advertise it all in the Belfast Telegraph and get room to bloom and make some cash in a flash!

* Family Notices are advertised in the Belfast Telegraph paper for 1 day only.
** £5 rate applicable to a selection of categories. Price varies by category.
*** Kantar Media Total Audience Study 2012

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